E-commerce Fulfillment and Shipping

Meet Demand, Maintain Efficiency

Selling your product online means you don't have a floor full of sales associates available to anticipate customers' every need. Your website and your shipping and tracking options are going to have to do that for you.

Different Speeds for Different Needs

Dependable delivery is an integral part of your business. With multiple modes of transportation moving at different speeds, our reliable shipping options let you build a reputation of customer satisfaction. From Express shipments all the way to our ground residential delivery, we've got a service that's right for you.

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Tracking for Your Customers--and Your Company

Give your customers the ability to check the status of their order delivery with just a few clicks--and let your employees focus their efforts on things like product support or order completion.

Get shipment visibility with UPS Tracking or with one of our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in the UPS Developer Kit. UPS Tracking technology lets you access shipment information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have a team of developers who can customise, install, and maintain APIs, you can integrate world-class technology and functionality directly into your business systems with UPS Developer Kit.

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Tracking isn't just for outgoing shipments--Quantum View® gives you complete shipment visibility across your supply chain, right from your desktop. Watch all shipping activity, pinpoint and resolve potential issues, and create automatic delivery notifications for your customers.

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Turn Returns into a Competitive Advantage

A flexible returns policy can deliver customer satisfaction and fuel increased sales over time. Streamlining your returns process can help you get the most out of existing inventory and gain better control over your supply chain as a whole.

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