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International Shipping Made Easy

Combining over 80 years of customs experience, we’ve created a free online tool in UPS TradeAbility to keep you up-to-date with international trade regulations.

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Manage Your Business More Effectively

Our landed cost tool can give you estimates of the cost of shipments, including duties, customs fees and taxes, while forecasting net profitability, help you minimise returned orders and overall better serve your customers.

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Avoid Customs Delays

Our Export Licence Detector will point out the most recent export licence requirements based on your destination country and shipment information. This means less time spent digging through regulations and a minimised risk of sanctions.

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Get it Right the First Time

Missing on import trade regulations can cost you a pretty penny. We’ll help you with up-to-date, country-specific and product-specific trade regulation procedures and restrictions guide.

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Keep Your Shipments Safe

Using our Denied Party Screener, you can access a database that will identify restricted addresses or entities before you ship, saving you valuable time and money.

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Quickly Get Your Harmonised System Codes

Every type of item you ship internationally has a specific Harmonised System Code – a standarised code required by customs regulations. Let us do the work for you by finding the correct Harmonised System Codes for all your shipments. TradeAbility provides you with effortless access to every country-specific Harmonised System Code from a single source.

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The Forms You’ll Need To Use – Explained

Not sure what forms you’ll need? We took the time to break each of them down so you know the sole purpose behind each one and why you will or won’t need it.

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