The UPS Billing Centre

The UPS Billing Centre allows you to view invoices, manage payment methods and pay bills.

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Pay your bill without logging in. Pay now
Open a shipping account and auto-enrol in the Billing Centre.

Need to pay a bill with a 10-digit account number?

That’s a temporary account, and unfortunately, you can’t pay your bill online. Please call the number on your invoice.

Go Paperless

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If you have a shipping account that is six, eight, or nine digits long, enrol in the Billing Centre and save a tree. 

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If you have a 10-digit account number, please call the number on your invoice to pay your bill. You won’t be able to enrol in the Billing Centre. 

More Billing Tools

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Incorporate billing information into your existing EDI infrastructure.


View Bill

This legacy tool allows you to view, download and print billing invoices or UPS Billing Data files.

Go To View Bill

Billing Data Dictionary

Access sample files, data dictionary, header row, charge code descriptions and XML schema.

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Manage Inbound Charges

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Use this tool to view or modify information about inbound charges for any of your UPS shipping accounts. 

Manage Inbound Charges

Learn How to Avoid Billing Corrections

Fill out your forms accurately to avoid corrections after delivery.

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Payments and Invoices FAQ

Company Administration FAQs