Shipping API

The Benefits of Integration and the Power of UPS

Integrate powerful UPS Web-based shipping capabilities to your enterprise applications. The Shipping Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to integrate UPS shipping functionality directly into your website or enterprise system. Your customers will enjoy the depth of UPS services and capabilities, while your business becomes more efficient with improved processes.

Customise the Shipping API to meet your company's business needs. Lower overall costs by creating greater efficiencies in the mailroom and implementing better controls over shipping activities. The Shipping API can streamline your shipping without the addition of expensive hardware or software.

The Shipping API is available in the latest XML technology and gives you access to multiple UPS services. This API is ideal for networking shipping activities at different retail locations, dealers or branch offices. It is also a good solution for mailrooms in large corporations or campus environments.

This API requires XML/Web Services programmers to code and integrate. It gives you greater flexibility by allowing your programmers to integrate shipping functionality directly into your business systems or e-commerce websites.

UPS provides a developer kit which includes a developer guide that explains how to integrate and code UPS functionality into your existing business applications or e-commerce website.

The UPS Shipping API is only available for internal use by UPS customers. It is not available for use on a public website, unless the API is part of a certified UPS Ready® Program provider's services.

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