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CampusShip Support - Create Login Details

How To Create Log-On Names and Passwords

Establish an easy, consistent way to create the log-on names you will assign. Log-on names may be up to 16 characters. Passwords must be 6-10 alphanumeric characters. Your employees may change their passwords anytime. Login names and passwords are case sensitive.

When assigning login names, consider using:

  • An employee's network ID
  • An employee's ID number
  • A first initial and last name

Forgot Your Password?

When a user cannot log in due to a forgotten password, the user can reset the password using the verification response stored in the user profile.

  1. To open the password reset page, the user selects Forgot Your Password? on the Login page.
  2. The user then enters the User ID.
  3. The user selects the verification question and enters the response.
  4. The user resets the old password by entering and confirming a new password, and then selects Continue.

How To Reset a User's Password

When a user is unable to reset the user password, an administrator may reset the password.

  1. Select Manage Users in the area at the left and then select Search Users.
  2. Enter the desired user's name and select Search.
  3. Mark the desired user in the search results and select View/Edit.
  4. Select Edit next to the User Details label.
  5. Check the Reset User's Password box and select Update. The user's old password will be reset and the user can log in using the user ID name as the temporary password.

UPS CampusShip will e-mail a temporary password to the user. Upon log-on, the user will be instructed to change the temporary password.

How To Reset a Company Administrator's Password

Note: Only another Company Administrator may reset a Company Administrator's password. UPS CampusShip recommends that you establish a minimum of two Company Administrators to ensure coverage during absences. If all Company Administrators are unable to access the system, please contact your UPS CampusShip account representative immediately to contact the UPS CampusShip Help Desk.