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Pricing for Value-Added Services

Select any value-added service for more details. Fees for these services are in addition to shipping costs. Pricing may vary at retail locations.

Value-Added ServicePricing
Pickup and Delivery
  • US$2.00 per package
  • US$16.00 surcharge for each shipment to the United States, Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea and Taiwan
  • Delivery Confirmation Signature Required: US$4.75 per package
  • Delivery Confirmation Adult
    Signature Required: US$5.75 per package

Free of charge

Free of charge

Declared Value
  • From US$0.00 to US$100.00: US$0.00 From US$100.01 to US$300.00: Minimum Charge of US$2.70 From US$300.01 to US$50,000.00:Minimum Charge of US$2.70 plus US$0.90 for each additional US$100.00 above US$300.00 or for each fraction of the total declared value. 
  • Freight collect shipment charges are billed to the consignee.

Note: Some rates are subject to a fuel surcharge. View current fuel surcharge rates.

  • Shipping
  • Pricing for Value-Added Services

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