UPS Solutions for Cash Flow Management

Bundle Three UPS Solutions for Simplified Business Processes

Bundle UPS CampusShip®, Quantum View Manage®, and UPS Billing CentreImprove cash flow, streamline cost allocation, manage expenses, and save time with faster invoice processing by bundling UPS CampusShip®, Quantum View® Manage, and UPS Billing Centre.

Gain access to each of these UPS Solutions with one ID and password and your shipping account number. Here's how they work together to make cash flow management as simple as 1-2-3:

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1. Control Shipping Expenses with UPS CampusShip

UPS CampusShip is a Web-based shipping system that offers a variety of administrative features and centralises shipping control for customers with employees in different locations.

  • Company administrators can grant shipping privileges to individual employees across the organisation and give users access to shipping services that adhere to company guidelines, ensuring compliance.
  • Accurately allocate shipments by requiring reference numbers--based on purchase order numbers, invoice numbers, cost centre codes, client matter codes, department codes, or even bar codes--at the time of shipping.

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2. Improve Billing and Collection Cycles with Quantum View Manage

Quantum View Manage is a Web-based tracking solution that gives you visibility into shipping activity.

  • Accelerate cash flow with delivery alerts that help you bill and collect faster, and anticipate funds by knowing when C.O.D. shipments have been delivered.
  • With automatic exception alerts, find out early if a change in delivery date could delay your ability to invoice customers.
  • Respond more efficiently to non-payment issues related to failure to receive shipments, and provide a signature delivery confirmation to help reduce non-payment, credit card holds, and charge-backs.
  • Speed up the research process by creating customised shipment lists and reports that are sorted or filtered using your choice of shipment attributes, like the references entered into CampusShip, for cost allocation purposes.

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3. Quickly Access Invoices and Allocate Costs with UPS Billing Centre

UPS Billing Centre offers a secure way to manage and analyse invoices with custom reporting.

  • View shipments by reference number, and streamline cost allocation with reporting for your shipments.
  • Create and download invoice summary reports, including information such as invoice, reference number, tracking number, and more.
  • Receive email notifications when new invoices become available, and set up helpful alerts like payment reminders and confirmations.
  • Save time by paying your UPS invoice online.

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