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Gain a competitive advantage by staying up-to-date with international trade regulations and compliance. UPS TradeAbility combines 80+ years of customs experience into one free online tool.

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Know your costs upfront

When you can predict your shipping costs, you can manage your business more effectively. With Landed Cost you can estimate the cost of shipments, including duties, customs fees, and taxes, forecast net profitability, minimize returned orders, and better serve your customers.

Estimate Landed Cost

Be sure before you ship

Trade regulation compliance can be complex. Get it wrong and it can cost you valuable time and money. With Denied Party Screener you can tap into UPS® expertise and information to quickly identify restricted individuals and companies before you ship to them.

Use Denied Party Screener

International forms at your fingertips

Don’t spend unnecessary staff hours on document preparation for international shipping. UPS will ensure you are up to date with the latest international laws and regulations so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Access International Forms

Quickly access country specific codes

When you’re shipping to different countries it can be difficult to accurately calculate all the different tariffs and costs. Harmonizer makes your life easier by giving you easy access to, and verifying all the country-specific tariff codes from one source.

Find Up-To-Date Codes

Save time and money on export license detection

The UPS Export License Detector identifies the latest U.S. export license requirements based on destination country or commodity information. Thus reducing the time and manpower needed for research and planning, while minimizing the risk of fines and sanctions.

Detect Export Licenses

Reduce the risk of import delays and fines

Non-compliance with import trade regulations can be expensive. UPS helps you maximize compliance with our up-to-date country-specific and product-specific trade regulation procedures and restrictions guide.

Check Import Compliance

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