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Shopping Cart / Website Design

UPS Ready shopping cart and website design providers help companies construct, implement, and grow their e-commerce business. 


PluginHive Shipping Services, a UPS Ready Program Provider, is a web-based shipping solution that helps eCommerce merchants automate the entire shipping process and reduce the order fulfillment time. The app is designed for Shopify, WooCommerce & Magento eCommerce platforms to process the shipments from within the eCommerce dashboard without switching between multiple applications. Automate the whole shipping process starting from displaying live UPS shipping rates at checkout, printing UPS shipping labels in bulk, sending live UPS tracking notification to end customers, and monitoring delivery status in real-time. PluginHive UPS shipping Services supports merchants globally and is currently being used by 20,000+ merchants from 70+ Countries.

  • Customer Sizes: Small, Medium
  • Product features: UPS negotiated rates, multi-package shipping, UPS Freight shipping, hazmat shipping, UPS return labels, paperless invoice, supports regulated goods

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WebShopApps, a leading developer of eCommerce shipping software, has taken shipping to the next level with ShipperHQ. This cloud-based shipping rate management platform allows businesses of all sizes to control and customise the shipping rates and options that they offer their customers. ShipperHQ brings together WebShopApps' years of experience working with tens of thousands of merchants worldwide into a single, easy-to-use application.

Functionality of ShipperHQ includes fully-featured multi-origin and drop-ship rating, dimensional shipping calculations, estimated delivery date and time-in-transit support, multi-location in-store collection, full control over what shipping options are shown and when, and powerful custom rate management. With support for Magento, Bigcommerce, BrilliantRetail and more eCommerce platforms plus an open API, ShipperHQ is easy to set up and use.

As a UPS Ready® provider, ShipperHQ can provide its customers with increased benefits and an improved customer service experience. Now with full support for UPS® services, ShipperHQ incorporates domestic and international small package shipment rating, support for UPS® Ground with Freight Pricing, the UPS Access Point™ network and more to its list of functionalities. Customers of ShipperHQ will have access to the most up-to-date UPS services.

ShipperHQ is free for 30 days and signup takes only a few minutes!

View our video to discover ShipperHQ's UPS capabilities

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Ximplar focuses on seamlessly integrating UPS into your existing systems and workflow.

Many companies rely on UPS on their shipping needs, but most of them are working with UPS in the most superficial and inefficient ways – with a lot of human involvement. Wouldn’t it be great if UPS is more integrated into your online shop, accounting, warehousing and customer support systems so shipping happens automatically?

UPS provides a wide range of powerful tools to make this happen, but each company needs to do customization work to fit these tools into its own unique internal systems and workflow. The unfortunate fact is that most companies do not have the knowledge to make this investment, even though it will repay itself many-fold in very short order .

That’s where Ximplar comes in. We are a UPS Ready partner that specializes on customizing UPS’ technologies to work for your workflow, so shipping becomes an automated background task, like it should be.

Give us a call today to get a free consultation!

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