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Packing Materials

Choose from the following links to find out more about the types of packing materials you can use when preparing your package for shipment.

Encapsulated-Air Plastic (Bubble) Sheeting

Encapsulated-air plastic bubble sheeting is made of air bubbles that are encased between two poly sheets as they are sealed together. Learn how to use this as packing material.

Loose Fill

Loose fill materials are used to fill empty spaces in packages that contain lightweight, non-fragile items.

Original Manufacturer's Packaging

Learn how you can use the original manufacturer's packaging when preparing your packages.

Double (Over) Boxing Method

Read about using the double (over) box method for packing your shipments.

Internal Packaging

Learn guidelines for using internal packaging when preparing your shipments.

Coolants and Refrigerants

Learn guidelines for packing shipments that contain coolants or refrigerants.

Transit Cases

Learn how to use transit cases to transport your shipments.