UPS Returns® Pack and Collect

Create a better returns experience for you and your customers with UPS Returns Pack and Collect. This unique, contract-only service is designed for your high-value product returns or repairs. With UPS Returns Pack and Collect, a UPS Driver collects a return the next business day and packs it using a specially designed box provided by UPS.

UPS Returns Pack and Collect delivers a concierge-like experience to your customers by providing hands-on assistance and state-of-the-art packaging while giving you more control over the return or replacement process.

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A Better Experience for Your Customers

  • Once UPS arrives to collect the return, the UPS driver will package the item so your customers don't have to worry about finding proper packaging, or prove that they sent the item back.
  • UPS can notify your customer by phone, e-mail, or text message so they are ready with the return when the UPS driver arrives.
  • Customers will experience a next-business day collection attempt, demonstrating the urgency and importance you place on their business.

And A Better Experience for You

You'll have more control over what is returned and when.

  • Having a UPS driver involved increases the likelihood of the correct item being returned in the proper packaging.
  • Products for return or repair are collected in state-of-the-art packaging designed to protect specific high-value goods, reducing the potential for damages.
  • UPS Returns Pack and Collect attempts are executed the next business day after processing the request.
  • The return shipment can be sent by almost any transportation speed to tailor the timing to your and your customer's needs.

Gain a competitive advantage when you improve your returns process while reducing costs and timelines.

  • UPS-supplied packaging and next day collection attempts get the process started sooner to reduce revenue stream interruptions and get high-value items back sooner for refurbishing or reselling.
  • Potentially reduce or eliminate the use of costly couriers or technicians to get product returned.
  • Reduce or eliminate the need to buy and store packaging material for returns or repairs with UPS-supplied packaging.
  • The UPS-supplied return packaging is certified to be re-used for the outbound shipment of repaired items as well.

UPS Returns Pack and Collect offers two collection attempt options:

  • UPS Returns Pack and Collect--one collection attempt: A UPS driver will make one attempt to collect the return item. If unable to collect the item, our driver will leave the box and return label for your customer. Your customer can then take his or her package to any UPS drop-off location including The UPS Store, Mail Boxes Etc., an Authorised Shipping Outlet or a UPS drop box.
  • UPS Returns Pack and Collect--three collection attempts: A UPS driver takes the box and return label to the collection location and collects the item. If the item cannot be collected, our driver will make an additional attempt on each of the next two business days.