Tracking Support - Signing up for UPS My Choice™

To help ensure the security of your packages, it's important that we verify the identity of each member.

There are some common reasons why you’re currently unable to enrol in UPS My Choice, including:

  • You recently moved to a new home. There may be little or no public record information about your move. Unfortunately, until updated information about your move becomes part of the public record through mortgages, deeds, utility bills, etc., you won't be able to enrol.
  • Your user ID, which is required to sign up for UPS My Choice, is used with a UPS business service such as Quantum View® or WorldShip®.
  • You recently changed your last name. It takes time for that to become part of the public record. You can still enrol by using your previous last name.

If you’re required to authenticate your enrollment with your email, you may be required to do so with a UPS My Choice Activation Code. If so, a welcome letter will be sent to you by way of the postal mail service approximately 7-14 days from the day you initially enroll.

Why is an activation code necessary?
An Activation Code is needed to verify a new membership. A UPS My Choice welcome letter is sent to the registered address of the new member. Once a membership is verified, the user has access to all available My Choice features. The delivery change option request “Delivery to Another Address” is not available if a membership is not fully authenticated.

How will I receive my activation code?
As a new UPS My Choice Member, you will receive a welcome letter via the postal mail service with your activation code approximately 7-14 days from the date of your UPS My Choice enrollment. Your activation code will not be valid after 45 days from the date on the letter.

Where do I enter my activation code?
As a new UPS My Choice member, you will be prompted to authenticate your membership by entering the activation code after you log in. A UPS My Choice Activation Code box will appear. You must select your country and enter the activation code that appears on your UPS My Choice welcome letter.