UPS InfoNotice™

How to read your UPS InfoNotice

We have left you a UPS InfoNotice because we unfortunately missed you when trying to deliver or collect your parcel(s). Please check the UPS InfoNotice to see which boxes have been ticked, and read more about each meaning below.

UPS InfoNotice

1. We will try again the following working day - We will try to deliver your parcel to you the next working day (Monday to Friday - holidays excluded). If you cannot accept this, you have mentioned the following alternative delivery options:

a) Track your parcel using the UPS InfoNotice number found below the barcode
b) On the follow-up screen, select Change Delivery
c) Choose a different delivery option

You may have additional options available if you sign up for UPS My Choice®.

2. Your parcel has been deposited with - If this box has been ticked, we have deposited your parcel with a neighbor or an address provided in the designated field of the UPS InfoNotice.

As a UPS My Choice user, you can give instructions to the driver that your parcel will be delivered to a location of your choice or to a neighbor.

3. We have carried out a pickup attempt - If this was our last delivery attempt, the box no. 4 is also ticked. Nevertheless, you can arrange a new collection date or drop off your parcel at nearby UPS location.

4. This was our last attempt - we tried to deliver your parcel to you, but unfortunately you were not present. To take action on your parcel, please track your parcel as described in step 1 above.

5. The consignment must be received and signed in person - the signature of an authorized person is required upon delivery. If you are not present to accept your parcel and you would like it to be delivered to your neighbor, please follow the instructions on the back of the UPS InfoNotice.

If the box "Acceptance by adult only" has been ticked, a person 18 years of age or older must be present at the place of delivery, sign the delivery of the parcel (s) and accept the delivery.

Note: Parcels that require a signature by a person of legal age cannot be delivered to neighbors.

6. If you would like us to deposit your shipment on your property the next working day, please sign on the back of this InfoNotice - If you will not be home, we can leave your parcel for you the next working day. Please indicate exactly where we should leave your parcel, sign the back of this UPS InfoNotice and store it in a visible location for the driver.

7. A COD amount is to be collected - Upon delivery of your parcel (s) a COD amount is to be paid, which the driver will collect from you on behalf of the consignor. In addition, if the check box "Cash only" is ticked, we have been instructed by the sender to accept only cash. For more options, please follow your parcel as described in Step 1 above.