What are the various Return Services and how do they work?

UPS provides various return services that allow you and your package recipients to return goods by paying a nominal fee.

UPS ReturnsSM - Electronic Return Label (ERL) e-mail
With this Return Service, UPS sends a return label via e-mail to the recipient you specify. The recipient prints the return label and attaches it to the package being returned.
UPS Returns - Print Return Label
This Return Service allows you to create a return label and send it to the recipient with your shipment or separately.
UPS Returns - Print and Mail Return Label
With this Return Service, UPS prints your return label and sends it to the party making the return.
UPS Returns Plus
With this option, a UPS driver carries a preprinted return label when attempting to collect the return package. Choose between these two options:

  • 1 UPS Collection Attempt allows the shipper to request one collection attempt for return of a UPS package. If the package cannot be collected, the label is left for the recipient to return the package via any UPS method.
  • 3 UPS Collection Attempts allows the shipper to request three collection attempts for return of a UPS package. After the third collection attempt, the label is returned to UPS.