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To optimize your shipping plans throughout the year, please refer to the following list of holidays. Holiday flight schedules are typically finalized one week prior to the holiday. To confirm a flight schedule please call our Service Center at 800.535.2345.

Jan 1 New Year's Day Most of World
Jan 13 Coming of Age Day JP
Feb 1 Lunar New Year Begins Most Asian Countries
Feb 5 Constitution Day MX
Feb 11 National Foundation Day JP
Feb 22 Lunar New Year Ends Most Asian Countries
Mar 21 Spring Equinox Day JP
Mar 21 Benito Juarez MX
Mar 30 International Daylight Savings Begins
Apr 5 Ching Ming Festival HK
Apr 6 US Daylight Savings Begins  
Apr 18 Good Friday/Passover Europe/Canada/Americas
Apr 20 Easter  
Apr 21 Easter Monday  
Apr 29 Golden Week Begins JP
May 1 Labor Day Americas
May 5 Golden Week Ends JP
May 8 Budda Birthday-Holiday  
May 19 Victoria Day CA
May 26 Memorial Day US
Jun 24 St Jean Baptiste CA
Jul 1 Canada Day CA
Jul 4 Independence Day US
Jul 20 Marine Day JP
Aug 4 Simcoe (Civic) Day CA
Sep 1 Labor Day CA,US
Sep 15 Respect for the Aged Day JP
Sep 16 Independence Day MX
Sep 23 Autumnal Equinox Day JP
Oct 13 Health Sports Day JP
Oct 13 Thanksgiving Day CA
Oct 25 International Daylight Savings Ends
Oct 26 US Daylight Savings Ends  
Nov 3 Culture Day JP
Nov 11 Remembrance Day CA
Nov 20 Revolution Day MX
Nov 23 Labor Thanksgiving JP (Observed Nov 24)
Nov 27 Thanksgiving US
Dec 23 Emporer's Day JP
Dec 25 Christmas Day Most of World
Dec 26 Boxing Day CA, BD, most of Europe
Jan 1 New Year's Day Most of World
Jan 12 Coming of Age Day JP

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