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We want to help you avoid being a victim of fraud

Fraudulent messages from people not associated with UPS can arrive in e-mail, text and even by phone call. A fraudulent email or text message may include official titles, a logo or colors that make the message look authentic when it is not. These electronic messages often contain hyperlinks to malware that infects electronic devices and can put you at risk for fraudulent activity.

Staying vigilant

UPS has resources dedicated to preventing, identifying and stopping fraudulent activity. However, scammers and fraudsters frequently change their methods to avoid detection. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • UPS does not request personal information, financial information, account numbers, IDs, passwords, or copies of invoices in an unsolicited manner through email, mail, phone, or fax or specifically in exchange for the transportation of goods or services.
  • Do not click on any links in a message you are uncertain about. Instead, send a screen shot of the message or forward it to Fraud@ups.com for investigation.
  • Learn more about how to avoid phishing scams in this article from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission: https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/how-recognize-and-avoid-phishing-scams

View examples of fraudulent communications about UPSOpen the link in a new window

The examples shown in the attachment are not legitimate UPS communications. If you receive any of these or another message from UPS you are uncertain about, do not follow any links or download attachments. Please send a screen shot of the message to Fraud@ups.com and then delete the message. If you’ve accidentally selected a link, run a virus scan immediately.

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Think you may have received a fake email from someone pretending to be UPS? Forward the email to fraud@ups.com and then delete from your email account.

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