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Now is the Time to Re-evaluate Your Shipping Processes

Our innovative technology streamlines shipping processes, creating value that goes beyond on-time delivery. Now your staff can streamline their days too, efficiently managing time and money.

Using UPS shipping and technology solutions, customers have been able to improve shipping cost recovery as well as shipment preparation time. One law firm experienced an estimated weekly savings of eight hours for package tracking and 40 hours for cost allocation. That's time employees can now devote to the business at hand.

This same shipping technology helps you meet the high performance standards of your clients, giving you the edge when it comes to service:

  • Proof of delivery for peace of mind when tracking important deliveries
  • Accelerated billing for improved budgeting and forecasting
  • Reliable shipping options for faster turnarounds on a deadline

Centralized Shipping Control
If your company has multiple employees with a need to process shipments, UPS CampusShip® can help. The Web-based shipping system allows you greater control of your shipping expenses and streamlines your cost allocation process.

Advanced Tracking
Get a broader perspective on your shipping activity with Quantum View® Manage. See up-to-date information about shipments you send or those you're expecting from a single, customizable Web-based application.

Ever had trouble locating a package that's already been delivered to your company? UPS Trackpad® offers a solution to help pinpoint packages once they arrive at your location.

UPS Billing Solutions
UPS Billing Center gives insight into your shipping expenses as well as speeding cost reconciliation. View, pay, and manage your UPS bill electronically and eliminate wasted time spent auditing bills and paying invoices.

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