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UPS offers solutions specifically tailored to the needs of professional services firms such as accounting, advertising, architecture, consulting, education, engineering, financial, insurance, legal, public relations, and real estate.

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UPS helps law firms meet urgent needs, save staff time, and allocate costs to clients through advanced shipping, tracking, and billing systems.

  • Seeger Weiss PDF
    Meet: Seeger Weiss LLP
    Class action. This law firm saves over four hours a day--thanks to integrated solutions from UPS.

UPS helps educational institutions meet the diverse shipping needs of staff, faculty, and students.

  • Season Ticket Logistics: A Winning Game Plan for College Athletics Content Data
    Meet: Appalachian State University
    Study the season ticket logistics playbook to see how UPS helps deliver a winning game plan for college athletics.
  • Meet: Arizona State
    Meet: Arizona State
    Keep the care packages coming! The UPS Store® is moving on campus.
  • Chegg
    Ka-ching! See how we help save college students hundreds of dollars a semester.
  • Holy Cross PDF
    Meet: Holy Cross
    See how UPS Trackpad® enables their mail center to process up to 360 packages per hour, saving time and improving service.
  • Meet: MBS Direct
    Meet: MBS Direct
    Book smarts are good, but so are shipping smarts. See how this online bookstore is satisfying customers and driving growth.
  • Pac 12 Championship
    Meet: PAC-12 Conference
    See how UPS and the PAC-12 pulled off the logistics feat of a football championship game with less than a week to prepare.

UPS delivers smart solutions for all types of professional services firms.

  • WorldShip® helps Cabot Money Management
    Meet: Cabot Money Management
    See how WorldShip helps this wealth management firm save processing hours and provide secure, on-time delivery during tax season.
  • Louis Berger PDF
    Meet: The Louis Berger Group
    UPS CampusShip helps streamline the shipping infrastructure--saving this firm the equivalent of one employee's annual working hours.

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