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Online sales are growing significantly each year, and we can help you take advantage of the opportunity.

Convenience is competitive. Consumers are looking to make their lives easier: to shop from their desks or even their couches. Make sure you're prepared to answer their demand.

Get a Competitive Advantage: Get Flexibility for Your Company and Your Customers

When you sell your product online, there's not a floor full of sales associates available to anticipate customers' every need. Your website and your shipping and tracking options are going to have to do that for you.

Integrate our world-class technology, and get shipping and tracking functionality customized for your system. The UPS Ready® program gives you access to our technology and directs you to vendors who can customize, install, and maintain the applications for you. There are even Marketplace Providers, who specialize in e-commerce.

Let a UPS Ready provider integrate your shipping and order management systems and carve away inefficiencies. Your business can run smoother, and you can respond faster to customer questions.

Customize the Customer Experience

Our technology lets customers decide how much they want to spend, how fast they want your product delivered, and when they can expect it at their door. Consumers appreciate choices, reliability, and strong service at every turn.

Different Speeds for Different Needs

With multiple modes of transportation moving at different speeds, our shipping options help keep your business moving, and our reliability lets you build a reputation of customer satisfaction. From UPS Next Day Air® all the way to our ground residential delivery, we've got a service that's right for you.

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