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Putting it All Together for a Smoother Manufacturing Process

Applying lean manufacturing principles requires a careful balancing act between maximizing production efficiencies with the right amount of inventory on hand and minimizing inventory carrying costs. To smoothly operate a just-in-time manufacturing model that accommodates multiple product lines, you need a reliable flow of inbound parts and materials via a variety of modes at the desired intervals, complete with visibility of all shipments. Or if you are importing finished product, you may find that the optimal solution for your supply chain may be to skip the DC altogether and move your product directly from overseas suppliers to your customers' doors.

Interested in getting finished products to end customers faster? Enter UPS Trade Direct®. UPS can consolidate your international freight, provide air, ocean, or ground transportation with customs clearance, and manage the delivery to multiple addresses within the destination country. Your products get to market faster, and you have a single carrier making it all happen with the visibility to know where your shipments are at all times.

Whether you're dealing with packages, pallets, containers, or a combination, UPS has a full range of services to suit any size shipment, getting your inbound parts where they need to be, when they need to be there, on time, and intact.

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