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When you source globally, supply chains can be longer and more complex. Accelerating cash flow to offset potential for higher inventory days on hand and mitigating trade risk with new international suppliers are top-of-mind issues for financial officers. It might surprise you to know that UPS can help with services to protect your freight, maintain cash flow, and expand your business.

Protecting Freight on Its Journey
UPS Cargo Insurance, available through UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc., protects the value of your goods in transit from warehouse to warehouse, whether you're shipping via air, ocean, rail, or road. Reduce your risk of financial loss with comprehensive coverage or insurance of a single shipment. You're covered even when using multiple carriers or modes of transport.

Cash Flow When It's Needed Immediately
With Global Asset-Based Lending, available through UPS Capital, the power of UPS visibility and control lets you use goods in your supply chain as collateral to improve your company's cash flow.

Leverage the Value of Goods Before They Are Sold
Take advantage of another way to expedite funds within the supply chain by financing your inventory with container financing, available through UPS Capital, when you import goods via UPS Ocean Freight with UPS Customs Brokerage.

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