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Your customers have questions.
Logistics has answers.

Manage shipments with UPS, and let logistics better manage your customers' expectations. Our technologies and fast, reliable service create efficiencies and speed the flow of information and goods to your customers. So when we deliver for you, we help you deliver satisfaction for them.

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels & Resorts

Simplify your inbound supply chain and reduce the total cost of goods

Trade Show and Convention Support

Trade Show and Convention Support

Get your trade shows and events on the road with a full range of freight and package services

Repair Services

Consumer Svcs.: Repair Svcs

Expand your reach and create efficiencies for your centralized and field repairs

Sports, Recreation, and Museums

Sports, Recreation, and Museums

Improve your shipping workflow and boost the customer experience

Associations and Organizations

Consumer Svcs.: Org & Assoc.

Enhance your members' experience and get support for your trade show shipping needs