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Colleges and universities are hubs of change, places where students and faculty move thoughts forward, researching and testing new solutions. We understand that desire to do better, to be more efficient, to make life easier and more productive--that's who we are too.

We can help you streamline shipping processes before, during, and after delivery to eliminate waste and improve efficiency on campus. And those added efficiencies create opportunities to save time, cut costs, and be more sustainable.

Ship and Track Without Leaving Your Desk 
Sprawling campuses house many different kinds of shippers, all on different schedules. But those shippers all have the same priorities: easy, flexible shipping and on-time delivery. Our online tools can help.

Web-based UPS CampusShip® allows for desktop shipping from any computer with Internet access. That means professors working past normal office hours can still access shipping services, and because there's an administrator with centralized control, there is visibility into permissions--and shipped packages.

Get added insight with Quantum View® Manage and give the mailroom a quick snapshot of every air, ground, or international shipment at any time.

Save on Freight Shipping Costs with Inbound Transportation Management

With departments across campus all needing a variety of supplies, you've got freight shipments coming in from numerous vendors and locations. Instead of paying shipping costs to each merchant, we can be your single shipping provider and help you create an inbound transportation management plan that encourages vendor compliance and leverages your transportation spend. You can increase on-campus efficiencies while cutting shipping and handling expenses by up to two-thirds. Our range of less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload freight services offers flexibility for your deliveries, whether you need them the next day or the next semester.

Enhance Your Brand and Improve Services on Campus

Add The UPS Store® to your on-campus offerings and give students, faculty, and staff easier access to in-demand services. When you host a business center, you're giving convenience: packing, shipping, mailbox, and printing services all within a designated area.

Show your pride--customize UPS Express® envelopes with your logo and make a strong statement about your school. Plus, our reusable envelopes offer a sustainable way to return tickets and other shipments.

Sustainable Solutions for Educational Institutions

On today's environmentally-conscious campuses, students and staff are looking for ways to reduce their impact. We're committed to sustainable solutions--from carbon neutral shipping and on-call pickups to electronic billing--and we can help you do more using less.

Real Stories

UPS helps educational institutions meet the diverse shipping needs of staff, faculty, and students.

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    Meet: Arizona State

    Keep the care packages coming! The UPS Store is moving on campus.

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    See how UPS Trackpad® enables their mail center to process up to 360 packages per hour, saving time and improving service.

  • Pac 12 Championship
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    See how UPS and the PAC-12 pulled off the logistics feat of a football championship game with less than a week to prepare.
  • University of Central Florida
    Meet: University of Central Florida
    Game on: increased visibility and UPS Express services helped UCF deliver for their fans, and strengthen their brand.
  • UPS and UGA whale video
    Meet: University of Georgia

    UPS makes a whale of a move to help the University of Georgia's Museum of Natural History transport about 75,000 animal specimens from Northeastern University in Boston to Athens, Ga. Read the full case study >>

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