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Why Go Global?

Thinking about going global? For many, global trading is the path to growth and prosperity. Companies engaged in the global market are more productive, more solvent and grow faster because two-thirds of the world's purchasing power is outside the U.S.

Taking your business global may appear complex and a little intimidating but it's easy with the right tools and information about doing business overseas. We offer exporting and importing tools to simplify the complex world of international trade and can help you gain the competitive edge. From researching new markets, staying current on customs and compliance regulations, to calculating landed costs, our tools, technology, and services assure quicker and more efficient international shipping.

Six Simple Steps to International Trade

Whether you're a first-time international shipper, or you have previous experience, UPS expertise and technology can help guide you through the international shipping process.

Become an Expert at Exporting

Know the Facts About Importing

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