Financial Services

Bank on logistics.

Building your business requires knowledge and capital; we can help with both. Our logistics frees your funds, facilitates trade, and minimizes risk to your investments.

You can protect your bottom line and expand your opportunities with UPS.

Accelerate and Protect Payments 

Dollar Sign

Reach more buyers, reduce exposure to credit risk, and speed the flow of cash to your accounts with our C.O.D. and merchant services

Protect Goods


Mitigate the risks of trade with insurance that protects you, regardless of shipment mode or carrier

Improve Cash Flow

Global Supply Chain Finance

Position yourself for growth with financing solutions that improve your cash flow, whether you import or export

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Real Stories

  • Amerinada
    Meet: Amerinada
    This hydroponics distributor knows how to grow things--including sales--but cash can still get tight. See why they turn to UPS Capital.
  • Meet: Tacori Enterprises
    Meet: Tacori Enterprises

    Global shipping can be risky. See how UPS Capital provides a silver lining for this high-end jeweler.