Looking for a way to limit risk
while still speeding cash flow?

UPS Capital guarantees payments up to
a pre-determined amount

Reduce processing costs, speed cash flow, save time, receive daily reports, and reduce accounting headaches with UPS C.O.D. Secure®.

Payments from your UPS C.O.D. customers are processed, and available funds are automatically transferred into the bank account of your choice. In the event that one of your customers' C.O.D. checks is dishonored upon deposit, UPS Capital will pay you for that item, up to a specific limit. In addition, daily bank deposit and C.O.D. remittance statements are available via email, Internet, or fax.

The C.O.D. Secure program benefits your business by giving it the ability to:

Speed Up Your Cash Flow

Generally two to three business days after package delivery, available funds are electronically transferred directly to your designated bank account.

Save Time

Manual check processing is eliminated, so there is no need to prepare daily bank deposits, sort checks and invoices, or take checks to the bank for UPS C.O.D. packages.

Cut Processing Costs

Reduce monthly bank fees associated with deposits and NSFs--there are no physical checks to process with UPS C.O.D. Secure.

Receive Timely Information

You are automatically sent daily fax or email statements capturing payments received, net deposits to your account, and total returned items.

Reduce Accounting Headaches

The UPS C.O.D. Secure program offers a fast file download in multiple formats through the Internet for simplified invoice reconciliation.

Increase New Sales Opportunities

UPS C.O.D. Secure reduces the risk of non-payment and can assist in increasing your sales by allowing your business to offer C.O.D. terms.

C.O.D. Enhancement Services products are offered through UPS Capital Trade Protection Services, Inc. UPS Capital Corporation and its affiliates reserve the right to change or cancel the C.O.D. Enhancement Services program at any time. The C.O.D. Enhancement Services program is subject to the terms and conditions of the contract and certain limitations and exclusions apply. This website page is only a brief summary of the program. The UPS C.O.D. charge as set forth in the UPS rates in effect at the time of shipping applies to each UPS C.O.D. package shipped. C.O.D. Enhancement Services products may not be available in all jurisdictions. For additional information, please contact UPS Capital.

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