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Customers today demand convenient ways to pay. More often than not, that means credit or debit cards. Accepting these forms of payment is critical to reach the broadest market you can.

The UPS Capital Merchant Services Program offers integrated, flexible card payment processing that can help you succeed in today's competitive marketplace. With robust virtual terminal technology and mobile payment capabilities, you can count on secure, reliable electronic transfers of funds directly into your designated bank account.

UPS Capital Merchant Services Features

  • Capability to provide funding within 24 hours
  • Virtual terminal technology and Smartphone support
  • Includes all major credit and debit cards
  • Secure collection, delivery and encryption of customer data via tokenization during transmission

Benefits for Your Business

  • Process transactions anywhere within the United States with an internet connection
  • Makes you accessible, convenient to more buyers, and helps build customer loyalty
  • Lets you get up and running quickly, with little to no disruption of your business
  • Offers an affordable way to accept credit and debit card payments

All services in connection with the UPS Capital Merchant Services Program are provided by Century Payments, Inc., a Registered Agent of RBS Citizens, N. A., Providence, RI. All decisions regarding approval of a merchant services application, and all fees charged for merchant services, are determined solely by Century Payments, Inc. The UPS Capital Merchant Services Virtual Terminal is powered by Maas Global Solutions (MGS).

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