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Bringing Efficiency and Sustainability to Rock 'n' Roll

For most of us, the music industry is all glitz, glam, fame, and fortune. But step off the stage, and you'll find the same shipping, logistics, and sustainability needs that many other businesses have.

Since early 2011, UPS has partnered with Live Nation Entertainment--the largest live entertainment company across the globe--and eco-conscious musicians to provide delivery and logistics services for tickets and tours, all while helping with their environmental efforts.

Partnering with Live Nation

As Ben Gillespie, manager of UPS sponsorships and events for the music and entertainment platform, explains, Live Nation approached UPS after reading an article about how we limit left turns to save time and money while making deliveries more efficient and sustainable.

Now, UPS is an Official Sustainability Partner of Live Nation, as well as its exclusive packaging, shipping, and logistics sponsor.

  • We offer reusable envelopes and carbon neutral shipping for Live Nation tickets, measuring the carbon emissions from these shipments and balancing them with carbon offsets, which reduce equal amounts of carbon dioxide in the environment.
  • The entertainment company uses UPS CampusShip® for administrative control over ground versus air shipping optimization, taking advantage of UPS's vast multi-modal transportation network.
  • A customized billing, reporting, and cost-allocation solution from UPS integrates with Live Nation's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, saving their employees significant time and reducing paper bills by hundreds of thousands of sheets each year.
"By UPS handling Live Nation logistics, we allow them to do what they do best--put on amazing live shows," says Jason Owen, director of enterprise sales for UPS. "We're the wizard behind the curtain."

Greening Concert Tours

UPS also works with artists looking to cut down on the environmental impact of their touring.

"Managing the logistics of a concert tour is not unlike what UPS does every day for customers in the high-tech and healthcare sectors; both demand flawless execution," says Ron Rogowski, UPS vice president of sponsorship and events. "[S]peed, efficiency, and reliability need not be sacrificed in the name of sustainability."

Artists such as Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, and O.A.R. have all looked to UPS to help develop logistics and transportation strategies that lessen the carbon impact of moving equipment, stages, lighting, and wardrobe for their shows.

"For us to go put on a big rock show, there's a carbon output, and it's relatively large," says Stone Gossard, rhythm guitarist for Pearl Jam. "UPS's freight system is a great way to move gear. They got our gear to Wisconsin for our 20th anniversary festival, and they did that in a way that allowed us not to drive two or three big semis from here to there."

In fact, for Pearl Jam's 20th Anniversary Destination Weekend, we used rail for a majority of the transport from Seattle to Alpine Valley, Wis.--a solution that emits approximately four times less carbon than moving by truck.

We've also collaborated with REVERB, an eco-friendly organization dedicated to educating musicians and making concert tours green, on sustainable logistics for the Dave Matthews Band Tour--and we made quite an impression.

"We look forward to working with UPS in the future because they are the prow of the ship; they are the leader in the shipping and logistics field because they are so sustainably minded and because they get the job done," says Co-founder of REVERB Lauren Sullivan.

Moving forward, UPS hopes to continue making a difference in the music industry.

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"...we allow them to do what they do best--put on amazing live shows. We're the wizard behind the curtain."

--Jason Owen, director of enterprise sales for UPS

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