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Easy Selling and Shipping with Amazon and UPS

Grow your business and boost e-commerce sales with Amazon's easy-to-use seller tools. Selling on quickly makes your products available to millions of customers; save time and money with built-in UPS solutions that can help you better manage the shipment of your orders.

With value-added technology, you can:

  • Compare UPS rates and transit times quickly and conveniently*
  • Save time and reduce errors using ready-to-print labels pre-populated with order information
  • Simplify printing with convenient, PDF-formatted UPS shipping labels that include a shipping receipt
  • Reduce order inquiries by automatically providing easy access to UPS tracking
  • Save on shipping when you
    • Ship through your Amazon Marketplace seller account (without a UPS account) and enjoy automatic UPS shipping savings of up to 21% off UPS Standard List Rates, or **
    • Sign up for the UPS Savings Program for Amazon Sellers to save even more when you ship with a UPS account--up to 37% off UPS Standard List Rates**

Discover today why millions choose to sell their goods and make e-commerce work for their business.

Simplify your Amazon shipping with UPS

Properly shipping your Amazon Marketplace orders takes time and attention to detail. Marketplace shipping at integrates your Amazon order management with UPS shipping technology. With marketplace shipping you may view up to 250 orders from multiple online marketplace accounts, easily edit order details, combine orders into a single shipment, and ship your orders all from

*UPS rates and transit times available through Amazon Marketplace seller accounts are for U.S. origin to U.S. destination shipments.

**Enjoy up to 21% off UPS Standard List Rates when purchasing shipping without a UPS shipping account through your Amazon Marketplace seller account. Customers with a valid UPS Account Number that successfully enroll in the UPS Savings Program for Amazon sellers can receive discounts of up to 37% off UPS Standard List Rates based on weekly transportation charges and selected services. Discounts apply to UPS Standard List Rates in effect at the time of shipping.

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