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Follow your package all along the way.

Whether you want to check on a package you've sent or see when a package is coming your way, trust UPS. Get the delivery insight you need with UPS tracking. You'll see where your shipment is, every step of the way.

Personal Tracking

Packages En Route

Checking Shipment Progress

We make it easy to see where your shipment is when you track. Because we assign a tracking number (this is a number that typically starts with a 1Z) to each package, you'll know about your shipment's progress when it's scanned as it moves through the UPS system.

UPS Tracking Online

There are many ways to track your packages with UPS. The most robust functionality comes with UPS Web Tracking. You'll know the estimated delivery date and be able to see where shipment your shipment is along the route. You don't need to register for a My UPS login to use Web Tracking, but when you do, you get tracking status details, tracking history, and you can take action on packages you've sent. Here's just a few ways online tracking can help make your life easier.

  • Reschedule a delivery or hold a package for collection.
  • Plan ahead for shipments that are Signature Required.
  • Get e-mail updates on current status, delays, and delivery.
  • Download a proof of delivery for your records.

Make it Easy to Identify Your Shipments

Take advantage of the Description field on the online Tracking page. If you're keeping track of multiple shipments, it's helpful to add a shipment description for each so you can distinguish between packages. Try adding something as simple as "baby toys" and see how easy it is to sort and manage your tracking numbers.

Get Started

Have your tracking numbers handy, and see where your packages are now.

Track a Shipment

View tracking details when you login with your My UPS username and password.