International Trade

Logistics travels the world.

The global marketplace is open and ready for your business. Logistics makes sure you're able to capitalise on the opportunity.

Our expertise, resources, and technologies allow you to get your products to customers more quickly, with less risk of customs penalties and delays. And in a business landscape where time is money and customer satisfaction depends on speedy delivery, a faster, smoother customs process makes a world of difference.

International Trade

Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

Tools and expertise to help manage international trade complexities

Tools and Technology

International Trade Tools & Technology

Technology tools supporting your international trade needs

UPS Trade Direct

UPS Trade Direct®

A multi-modal, international freight solution to move your products across oceans and borders faster

UPS World Ease

UPS World Ease®

Consolidates multiple shipments destined for one country or the European Union (EU) so they are processed by customs as a single shipment

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    Meet: Lardini
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    Meet: Rizoma
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