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UPS Access Point™

UPS Access Point

Unlock a New Kind of Delivery Option

Online shopping makes buying easier for your customers, but waiting for deliveries--or missing them altogether--can be a hassle.

Improve customer satisfaction by offering more delivery options; with UPS Access Point, your customers choose where they would like to collect online purchases, at times that fit their busy schedules.

About UPS Access Point

UPS Access Points are convenient locations--such as local grocery stores or petrol stations--where online shoppers can collect their deliveries. These Access Points

  • Use our proven technology and expertise
  • Are handpicked based on their location and suitability
  • Are screened by us and supported with ongoing training and technology

How It Works

When you choose to offer UPS Access Point as a delivery option, your customers can

  • Choose a convenient pickup location during online checkout
  • Receive alerts via email or SMS letting them know when their parcel is ready for collection
  • Drop by at a time that best suits their daily routine

Repeat Deliveries

Uncovering Value for Your Business

In the UK, repeated delivery attempts cost consumers and the retail industry an estimated £500 million per year*. Don't be a part of that statistic. UPS Access Points bring benefits for you, as well:

  • Attract new customers for whom home delivery is a barrier
  • Reduce service calls and complaints associated with missing packages or delayed deliveries
  • Eliminate costs associated with bad addresses and re-sending packages  
  • Increase repeat sales from existing customers who value flexibility, convenience, and in-person service 

Delivering Value for Your Customers

Your customers can gain substantial benefits when they select UPS Access Point as an alternate to home delivery:

  • More control--multiple locations and extended hours let them choose when and where to collect
  • More convenience--customers can combine collecting parcels with other errands (like grocery shopping or buying petrol)
  • Quick, predictable delivery--it takes an average of just 1.07 minutes to collect a parcel from an Access Point

UPS Access Point makes using UPS Returns® services easier, as well. Instead of waiting for a collection, customers can drop off their pre-labeled return packages at a designated Access Point.

*Source: IMRG Valuing Home Delivery Review, 2012

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Give your customers more options--and more control--with UPS Access Point.

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    See how our Access Points can make deliveries more convenient for your online customers, and more efficient for your business.
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    Online shoppers want more home delivery options--see how UPS opens the door.

Proven Capabilities

In 2012, UPS announced it had acquired Kiala, a firm that provides convenient delivery options to busy consumers purchasing goods over the Internet.

Our position as a logistics leader--combined with Kiala's 10+ years of experience in collection point parcel delivery--means that our UPS Access Points are efficient and reliable.

UPS Access Point