Put the power of logistics to work for you.

Developer Kit

Technology is designed to make life easier. UPS technology does that--and a whole lot more.

Logistics experts designed the UPS Developer Kit to improve your company's efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility. These Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) let you integrate our technology into your existing business systems or website and allow you to boost customer satisfaction while containing costs.

Give your programmers the power of UPS Developer Kit, and connect with logistics.

Paperless Document API
Upload documents and link to your international shipments
Rating API
Let customers decide which shipping service best fits their budget and level of urgency
Shipping API
Deliver UPS shipping functionality directly into your website or enterprise system
Time in Transit API
Give customers insight into shipment and delivery timelines
Tracking API
Create a better customer experience--allow your customers to track packages on your website with the order number you provide

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If you plan to integrate UPS software into your company's business applications or website, the UPS Developer Kit may be the right option for you.

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Streamline business shipping

Streamline Your Shipping

Find out how integrating UPS Developer Kit APIs or our WorldShip shipping software into your company's systems and sites can help increase efficiencies.