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Air freight shipping can be smooth and simple. In fact, you can use the same shipping and tracking technology you're already comfortable with--like shipping on, WorldShip®, and Quantum View®--no matter how large your shipment is, how far it's going, or whether it's travelling by ground or air.

Processing air freight shipments with technology solutions rather than the hassle of pen and paper means reducing errors and shipment delays, improving customer service, and saving time throughout the freight shipping process. From requesting a rate estimate to the final delivery, our technology can help your business soar to new heights.

Discover the best shipping system for your business and pair it with your ideal tracking tool to get started.

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Air freight shipping on

Best for smaller businesses, this free online solution allows you to quickly complete air freight shipments.

Enjoy fast, convenient shipping from start to finish: Follow along as air freight shipping on guides you through creating a shipping label, scheduling a collection, tracking shipment progress, and paying online. You can even create international forms, like a Certificate of Origin or Commercial Invoice.

Reduce errors and delays:
Access stored addresses shared between your package and air freight shipments. Reducing manual processes with online shipping reduces data entry errors and delays caused by missing or incomplete shipment information.


Best for larger businesses, this free global software makes it easy to ship frequently--and streamline the process.

Automate your shipping tasks:
Integrate WorldShip software into your existing business systems to quickly process your air freight--and package--shipments. WorldShip automates creating shipments, printing labels, and even captures your clients' billing information to help with accounting.

Increase efficiencies and reduce errors:
Take advantage of shipping profiles, address books, distribution lists, and system integration to batch import order entry information and eliminate the need to enter data more than once--helping to reduce errors while saving time.

Use Tracking Tools to Deliver Great Customer Service

Proactive Status Notifications

UPS Quantum View Notify® is a service available in air freight shipping on and WorldShip that simplifies sending email messages about shipment statuses. With Quantum View Notify, you can provide customers with proactive shipment and delivery notifications.

Opt to use Quantum View Notify in UPS Internet Shipping or WorldShip while you're creating a shipment.

Deeper Insight into Incoming and Outgoing Shipments

If your business needs a more robust tracking solution, our web-based Quantum View Manage® technology helps you manage your package and freight shipments with ease, so you--and your customers--stay informed. It's like air traffic control for your shipments.

With Quantum View Manage, you can give your customers peace of mind--while improving operational efficiencies--with proactive shipment status alerts, customised reports containing detailed shipment information, and access to view shipping documents. 

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